'Wheel of Fortune' Host Pat Sajak Rumored to Be 'Facing the Ax' After Mocking Contestant, But Here's the Truth

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is rumored to be 'facing the ax,' after mocking a contestant, but [...]

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is rumored to be "facing the ax," after mocking a contestant, but there's a different truth to the story. According to Gossip Cop, there is currently no indication that Sajak is in danger of losing his job as the longtime host of Wheel of Fortune — a role he's held for 38 years. The outlet states, upon investigating the claims, it appears that for now, Sajak is set to at least remain the host of the iconic game show until his current contract is up in 2022.

The rumors of Sajak being fired from the show came after he mocked a contestant who speaks with a lisp. The contestant, Chris Brimble, introduced himself and stated that he works as a tech salesman, revealing the lisp as he spoke. Sajak replied to Brimble by saying, "I thee," rather than, "I see," which has struck many as a cruel and ridiculing response. Following the incident, many viewers began to call for Sajak to resign or be fired, but it appears that neither is happening at this time.

A source spoke with In Touch about the situation and stated how "Pat appears to have made a bad mistake," and alleges he probably feels terrible. "Whether he will have to take a break or quit, that will be up to him and the show," the source said. "Considering this isn't the first time he's been burned for teasing contestants, he will have to be more careful and respectful moving forward."

Separate sources who spoke with The Globe reportedly stated that Wheel of Fortune producers were frustrated with Sajak's behavior. "Pat's always been a jerk and everyone only tolerated him because he seemed so good-natured, but his put-downs have gotten way out of control," a source said. However, Gossip Cop determined that there is simply no concrete evidence that Sajak's job is in jeopardy.

In 2019, Sajak had to take emergency leave from the show for medical reasons, which included abdominal surgery. More recently, Gossip Cop says it debunked a headline that claimed Sajak was suffering from a mental and emotional breakdown in the wake of his health problems. "He's pushed to the very limit and can't seem to function doing this job. It's all spilling over and manifesting into these ugly outbursts which are shocking viewers," a source claimed. The outlet has not found validity to this claim.