'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Stuns Pat Sajak After Solving Massive Puzzle With Just Two Letters

Wheel of Fortune players often press their luck by keeping the game going even though they can solve the puzzle. That is not how contestant Taya Somers played on Wednesday night's show. She correctly answered a 17-letter puzzle even though there were only two letters revealed, shocking host Pat Sajak and the audience.

The clue for the puzzle was as ambiguous as they come, since it was only "phrase." When it came to Somers' turn, the only letter on the board was an "N" as the first letter of a two-letter word in the phrase. She then landed on $650, and called for a "T," of which there was only one. These two letters were all she needed, so she asked Sajak if she could solve the puzzle.

Sajak was bewildered, and simply said, "OK?"

"A place like no other," she guessed, which turned out to be correct!

"Of course," a stunned Sajak said before the audience applauded.

Since she correctly guessed the puzzle so early in the round, Summers only won $650 for the puzzle. She did get a trip to Peru valued at $8,000 though, notes Yahoo Entertainment.

Wheel of Fortune fans were stunned by Somers' quick solve.

"She's gotta be studying wheel of fortune algorithms or something. There is no way she just randomly guessed a random phrase of English language that quick," one fan tweeted.

"Only 2 letters and Taya solved the puzzle real quick. That was one heck of a solve," another fan chimed in. "I watch a lot of Wheel Of Fortune and I rarely make solves like that. At my Aunt's house I once solved a puzzle without any letters."

"Are you out of your freaking mind when you solve the puzzle with only 2 letters?" another wrote on YouTube.

However, longtime Wheel of Fortune fans pointed out there was an even bigger shocker a decade ago. Way back in 2010, a contestant solved a long "phrase" with just one letter. A contestant named Caitlin guessed "I've got a good feeling about this," with only the "L" in "feeling" on the board!"


"Not since another woman solved the puzzle, except she solved it w/ one letter on board," one fan tweeted. "It was 'I GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS,' which was impressive in itself. Sometimes, you know what the puzzle is just by a few letters."

Photo credit: Sony Pictures TV/YouTube