Watch: 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Flips out After Crushing Express Round

A contestant on Wheel of Fortune had an emotional reaction after killing it during the game show's express round. On an episode that aired Tuesday, a contender by the name of Aurora struck good fortune when hitting the express spot on the show's eponymous wheel, and managed to end up winning big.

After going all-in on the express round, with host Pat Sajak giving a brief rundown of the rules, Aurora went through the list of vowels to buy and consonants to guess until she'd locked in every letter of the clue. The contestant then proclaimed "Oceanfront Property," and let out a definitive victory cry. "Wow, she's emoting, right here on stage," the host joked as he walked over to congratulate her. "Or molting, I'm not sure," Sajak added, before informing her of her $7,500 score and a trip to Barbados.

Earlier in April, Wheel of Fortune had also broken a long-standing rule about having contestants return to the program. Tony Harrison first appeared on the show back in 2017 and was invited back due to a "technical issue" with his first appearance. "If Tony looks familiar -- this is Tony Harrison, who's been here before," Sajak pointed out during his meet-and-greet with contestants. "We had a little production issue, and in the interests of fairness, we brought Tony back."


Like a lot of shows, Wheel of Fortune was forced to temporarily shut down production back in March due to concerns over coronavirus. Both Wheel and Jeopardy! had briefly tried filming without a studio audience before production was put on hold entirely. While fans of both long-running game shows weren't happy about the lack of new episodes, Wheel co-host Vanna White had tweeted a message encouraging them to "stay safe" during the pandemic. "Hope to be back in the studio soon," White wrote. "But in the meantime stay safe and take care."

Despite the fact that productions pulling the plug has become the norm, some viewers started to speculate about the health of both Sajak and Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek. Both had experience health issues in the recent path, and both are in an age group that's considered to be more susceptible to COVID-19. However, none of the suspicions have been confirmed at this time.