Tony Shalhoub Teases 'Monk' Reboot Almost 10 Years After Finale: 'Never Say Never'

Tony Shalhoub recently teased that a Monk reboot could still happen almost 10 years after the series finale, saying, "Never say never."

While speaking to Variety at the premiere of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2, Shalhoub was asked about the possibility of the show being revived, and he carefully explained that it could happen while also sharing why he would be OK if it didn't.

"I feel like we ended on such a high note, I wouldn't want to risk disappointing people, but I love working with that team just never know," he stated. The actor then joked that "if they're gonna do it they should do it soon or I'll be playing Monk's father."

Lastly, he stated that if the series is rebooted in some way he would certainly be involved "in some capacity," adding that he would possibly be "behind the camera."

Monk aired on USA Network for eight seasons, from 2002 until 2009. Along with Shalhoub, the show co-starred Traylor Howard, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford and Bitty Schram.

Shalhoub previously opened up about his time on the show during an interview with the AV Club in 2016, saying that when they first started the show USA was going through "some big changes."

"Kind of a changing of the guard, if you will, but they were in the process of rebranding their network, and the show happened to be a part of that rebranding. The script and the pilot had originally been at ABC. I think that’s kind of common knowledge," he shared.

"But it started at ABC, and they couldn’t quite get the right people involved there, so it kind of languished there for a number of years. And then one executive leaving ABC and going over to USA asked to take it over there and see if they could make it work," Shalhoub added. "And then it came to me, and—well, again, it was a life-changing opportunity, and I feel so grateful that I had it, because it was an enormous amount of fun."

At the time, the actor was asked if he would ever consider doing "a Monk movie if the opportunity presented itself."


"That does get bandied about now and then," he said with a laugh. "It’s not really up to me, but, yeah, I never say never. It was a fun character to work on."

Fans can see Shalhoub in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel right now on Amazon Prime, with the series' second season launching on Dec. 5.