'Today' Denies Savannah Guthrie Deliberately Overslept to Cause Drama at NBC

Over the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating that there's an apparent feud between Today Show anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. This past week, as Kotb is out on vacation, Guthrie overslept and nearly missed appearing on Thursday's episode. Page Six reported that some are claiming that Guthrie deliberately overslept in order to cause drama for the production amid the alleged feud. However, a representative for the Today Show quickly set the record straight. 

The chaotic situation unfolded on Thursday morning when Guthrie explained via Instagram that she overslept. Page Six reported that she was at her home in upstate New York, a two-hour drive from the studio, and that she got in her car at 5 a.m. local time. In other words, she was really cutting it close. As she related on her Instagram Story, she was able to make it to the studio just in time and got ready for the show with the help of the "miracle workers" on the crew. While Guthrie seemed to simply oversleep just as many often do, an insider claimed that there was a secret intention behind the move. 

"She is showing them who is the boss and that they can't do the show without her," the source alleged. "When Savannah doesn't show up for work the entire force of NBC News is dispatched to find out where she is." Soon enough, a spokesperson for the Today Show dispelled this rumor with a statement. The statement read, "Everything in this story is demonstrably false. Savannah overslept, plain and simple. She was coming in to work from upstate New York this morning. She keeps her phone on 'Do Not Disturb' overnight, aside from a small group of people who can reach her. Her driver tried to call her, but he is not in the group who could reach her, so she didn't wake up. When the show producer called her, she woke up and rushed in." That wasn't the only rumor that the morning show is dispelling. Libby Leist, SVP of the Today Show, denied that there is any feud going on between Guthrie and Kotb

"Savannah and Hoda together guided the TODAY show through its darkest time, they bolstered the entire TODAY show staff when it was needed most, and they are each other's biggest supporters," Leist told Page Six. "These two women have achieved so much together. In 2022, that should be the focus — not a made-up 'catfight' manufactured for clickbait."