Savannah Guthrie Reveals She Overslept 'Big Time', Barely Made It to 'Today' Show on Time

Savannah Guthrie had quite the chaotic morning as she rushed to get ready for Thursday's TODAY show after oversleeping. The NBC co-anchor ended up getting to the studio at about 6:45 a.m. after sleeping through her alarm, sharing candid shots of the madness backstage to her Instagram throughout the hustle to get camera-ready. 

Guthrie started with a makeup-free shot from her commute, writing on her Story, "Overslept big time, it's 6:34 a.m. and I'm still in the car." She followed up then with a video of her getting her hair and makeup done by the TODAY crew just six minutes later at 6:40 a.m., calling them "miracle workers" for being able to transform her so quickly. Thanks to the dedication of everyone on the show, Savannah next filmed herself walking into the studio, remarking with awe, "This is a miracle. I'm going to make it!"

By the time Thursday's show kicked off with Guthrie joining Craig Melvin at the desk, fans would have had no idea she had such a wild start to the morning, as she greeted viewers and informed them that her regular co-anchor Hoda Kotb had the morning off. Melvin then let people at home in on what had gone down over the past 30 minutes or so, joking, "You almost had the morning off as well."

He added, "Savannah Guthrie rolled in about 15 minutes ago. She overslept! She is normal!" Guthrie added graciously of her abnormal morning routine, "Fifteen minutes ago with no hair, no makeup, it was a terrifying sight, but some miracle workers upstairs rolled me in, and I'm very happy to be here."

Later, Guthrie compiled the Instagram Stories from her morning into a post of their own, which she captioned simply, "this is Thursday," adding a crying laughing emoji and the hashtag #hotmess. ABC News Senior National Affairs Correspondent Deborah Roberts commented sympathetically, "Oops! Needed this zzzzs no doubt." Other viewers were quick to reassure Guthrie as well. "I wondered if this ever happened," one person commented. "You rock Savannah!" Another chimed in, "This is historical!! I'm glad to know everyone rides that struggle bus every once and a while!! Beautiful as always!"