Sylvester Stallone Makes 'This Is Us' Debut in New Episode Promo

This Is Us has been off to a terrific start this season, and things are only looking to get better in next week's episode. Not only are Randall and Beth getting a foster child, but the sophomore series is about to reveal it's biggest guest star to-date.

In the preview for next week's episode, titled "Deja Vu," Sylvester Stallone makes his This Is Us debut.

In the 30-second promo, Stallone can be seen in an old military uniform, chatting with Kevin. As you can probably guess, this is from the set of the movie Kevin is filming with director Ron Howard. Kevin mentions that he's working with Sly Stallone on the film, so it's safe to say that the Rocky star will be portraying himself on the show, just as Howard has done.

If you recall, back in the Season 1 finale, Kevin received a call from Ron Howard. The legendary director saw Kevin's play and wanted him to star in his next movie. In this season's premiere, Kevin and Howard were seen working on set together.

Now it looks like the Howard film is going to explore the hardships of war, as Kevin and Stallone meet on the battlefield. Judging by Stallone's final line, "Let's do one for your father," the episode will probably dive more into Kevin's relationship with his dad, which is something we haven't seen a ton of recently.


"Deja Vu" airs on NBC next Tuesday, October 10 at 9 p.m. ET.