'This Is Us' Hints at Jack's Possible Love Interest While in Vietnam

This Is Us uncovered a new layer of Jack Pearson's life in Vietnam during the latest episode — [...]

This Is Us uncovered a new layer of Jack Pearson's life in Vietnam during the latest episode — inclduing a possible love interest.

As Randall (Sterling K. Brown) prepared for the announcement of his run for city council, Kevin (Justin Hartley) headed for Baltimore to meet with a veteran friend of Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) during his time in the war.

"Is this crazy? Driving all the way to Baltimore to meet some dude that my dad served with? I mean, this guy Robinson right? He's a complete unknown," Kevin tells Zoe (Melanie Liburd), wondering if he should introduce her as his girlfriend.

"You introduce me as Zoe, human being, who is a documentarian. Who you happen to be dating," she says.

Later Kevin and Zoe arrive at Robinson's house, and he makes a face as if he recognizes Jack in his son.

"So, you're Jack Pearson's son," he says.

Later, Kevin and Robinson and look at pictures and old mementos, including the Purple Heart recognition he received for his right foot injury during the war, which he was seen getting in the previous episode. He offers him a drink but Kevin says no as he is sober.

"My dad suffered as well, alcohol so," Kevin says. "I was thinking maybe it had something to do with the war. His way of coping with what he'd seen over there."

"As a mechanic," Robinson says, revealing that wasn't his actual position during the war "Your father was not a mechanic. He was a stealth sergeant... a squad leader in fact, and in October 1971, your father saved my life."

They later keep looking at old pictures when Kevin notes how he always knew his father was keeping secrets about his time at war.

"Even as a kid, I would ask him questions, or a war movie would come on and, I don't know. Something would come over him. As if he was haunted," he says.

"He wasn't haunted when I got pulled out," Robinson says. "I tried writing him, never heard back. And then you know, time."

He shows him a picture of the old squad, but Robinson doesn't know who else could give him leads. They find Jack's brother Nicky in the photo and Kevin adds how Jack never spoke about him.

"Look son, I know you came a long way, I'm sorry I don't have the answers you are looking for," he says. "In my experience, with his particular war, sometimes the answers are so dark, you're better off not having them."

Also during the trip, Zoe encountered slight racism — which also addressed in the past with Randall — and she felt all right teaching Kevin about it because she thinks their relationship might be worth the uncomfortable conversation.

Near the end of the episode, even and Zoe are surprised by Robinson. He admits he kept something from him, a pack of letters from Jack with a photo of Jack and a woman — and she is wearing the necklace his father gave him.

Knowing that Kevin's journey will be eventually lead him to Vietnam, we can be sure we will be getting the answers about that woman sooner rather than later.

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