'This Country' Actor Michael Sleggs Reveals He's Dying: 'I Have Been Blessed With the Best Life'

Actor Michael Sleggs, known for his appearances on BBC's This Country, has revealed that he is dying.

The 33-year-old actor broke the news of his health scare on Facebook back on May 22, saying that no exact time was given to him, but his "deterioration has been fairly rapid."

"Hi friends, as a lot of you are probably aware I've spent a lot of time in and out of hospital over the past few months. This last time it was decided I was reaching the end of options so they've sent me home on palliative care to live out the remainder of my days at home," Sleggs wrote. "No specific time limit has been given but deterioration has been fairly rapid. I've been sleeping a lot and narrowly dodged a coma by accidentally overdosing on morphine the other day. Anyway as you can imagine this isn't the ideal way I wished things to go and my family are dealing with a lot of grief. Just wanted to say I love everyone reading this status so much, you have all been such amazing, kind, caring people who have all touched my life in so many unique and incredible ways.

He continued, "Sorry if this status is too shmaltzy but not everyone has the chance to say goodbye so indulge me [laughing out loud]. If you're wondering why I'm not sounding freaked out by the whole situation. Well, initially I was, but, as always in a time of crisis (should have been way before I'm ashamed to say) I turned to God and my Christian faith. Been reading the Bible daily, listening to Christian songs and sermons and its changed my entire mindset to nothing but peace and gratitude."

He concluded his note by saying that he only has one regret and encouraged others to learn about Jesus Christ's teachings, if they are not already a follower.

"Guys, regardless of a few medical issues, I have been blessed with the best life and the best friends and aside from not following God more diligently earlier in life, I don't have any regrets," he wrote. "If you don't know Jesus already, my only hope is that you get to know him before you get to my state. He'll totally rock your world in the best way!"

After his revelation went viral, Sleggs clarified some details. He specified that his health had a slight turnaround, but he is unsure how long it will last. He also stated he does not have cancer, despite some media speculation to the contrary.

"Right let's clear some things up. I don't have any cancer, haven't had for 18 years so I don't know where the press got that idea. Sure, recently I was put onto palliative care cuz (sic) my heart failure was getting out of control," he wrote. "By last Friday I was certain I wouldn't be here the next week but miraculous I made some of great turnaround over the weekend. Honestly, surviving was the last thing I thought was gonna happen last week until I woke up yesterday and found my good name being banded around the tabloids willy nilly.


He added, "Sorry to everyone who got misled by the clowns of the media, I assure you I was as surprised as you. I don't know how long this turn around will last but I'll try and keep alive as long as I can."

Photo Credit: Michael Christian Sleggs