'The Voice' Finale: Season 19 Winner Officially Crowned

The Voice has officially crowned a winner for Season 19. Heading into the second part of the finale, only five contestants were remaining in the competition — DeSz for Team Kelly Clarkson, Carter Rubin on Team Gwen Stefani, John Holiday for Team John Legend, and Ian Flanigan and Jim Ranger for Team Blake Shelton. Of course, only one contestant could emerge with the win. In the end, 15-year-old Rubin took home the win for himself and their respective team. This also meant that this was the first win for coach Stefani after several seasons with the show.

While fans may be saying goodbye to yet another season of The Voice, they won't have to wait too long for Season 20. In mid-November, NBC announced that the singing competition would be back for Season 20 in the spring, albeit with a slight change to the coaches' line-up. The network shared that Nick Jonas, who served as a coach during Season 18, would be back for the next season of the competition. The rest of the panel will be rounded out by returning coaches Shelton, Clarkson, and Legend. On Season 18, Jonas made it all the way to the finals with team member Thunderstorm Artis. To announce that he would be returning to The Voice, the "Close" singer shared a video on Instagram in which Legend, Clarkson, and Shelton can be seen wondering who will be the new coach before walking in on Jonas meditating on how he will win his next season.

"I've been living and breathing The Voice since Season 18," he said in the clip, while envisioning Shelton crying in defeat. "Little do these coaches know I've grown stronger by the day. The newbie has now become the master." He captioned the post with, "Warriors never sleep. I'm back and ready to win this thing. See you next season on [The Voice]!!" Of course, with the return of Jonas, this means that Stefani will be taking the next season off.


The No Doubt singer's fans weren't exactly thrilled to hear that she won't be back for Season 20. However, this isn't the first time that Stefani has taken a season off from the NBC series. Stefani has served as a coach on Seasons 7, 9, 12, and 17. Interestingly enough, Jonas also took over for Stefani as a coach after she left the series following Season 17 (Stefani was actually the replacement for longtime coach Adam Levine during that season).