'The View' Preempted on ABC Wednesday Due to Donald Trump Impeachment Hearings

Wednesday's episode of The View was preempted on ABC, due to the beginning of Impeachment Hearings for President Donald Trump. The daytime talk show issued a statement on Twitter to let fans know what was happening, noting that in some areas fans may still get to see an "encore" episode of the show. Fans who are worried about missing anymore of the series can rest assured that it will return with a new live show on Thursday.

Fans have been commenting on both the lack of The View and the impeachment hearings, with one tweeting back, "Was kinda hoping to see an episode recorded and posted on the website so i could still watch but no such luck i guess."

"Hope you girls are paying close attention!! Probably the first time your gonna hear some real truth!! Truth leads to facts," someone else said. "So tomorrow we won't hear the facts, but your twisted OPINION! By the way, your opinions suck most days, so stick to FACTS please"

At least one person took the opportunity to chide View co-host Meghan McCain, writing, "[Meghan McCain], Democracy is you defending my vote, no matter who for. You are not a defender of Democracy. You have lost all you care about [and] are determined to burn the entire house down,you should step back, deal w your grief + leave politics to the politicians."

Someone else chimed-in, defending McCain by saying, "She grew up in politics.... so im pretty sure she knows what she is talking about."


The View airs weekdays on ABC.