'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Reportedly 'Stormed' out of Meeting With ABC Execs Over Personal Attacks

The View co-host Meghan McCain reportedly "stormed" out of a meeting with ABC executives about what the network considers to be personal attacks among the panelists of the daytime talk show. According to Gossip Cop, ABC execs have noticed the tense atmosphere on the show and reached out to the hosts in a virtual meeting with a request that they ease off getting too personal when in the heat of discussion. McCain is said to have not taken the news very well, allegedly storming away before the meeting ended.

The final straw for ABC bosses appears to be the intense argument that McCain and Behar recently engaged in over anti-Semitism. The verbal battle reportedly led to many complaints from viewers who called for McCain to be fired. Hoping to put out the fire, ABC head Amy Goodwin sat down with the group and asked them to tone it down as the personal attacks were being interpreted by their audience as very toxic. McCain has not directly spoken about the meeting publicly, but she is reported to have felt the gathering with Goodwin was intended to be a personal attack on her.

Goodwin's take on how The View fans are feeling does not seem to be that far off if social media chatter is any indication. Many have taken to Twitter to express their frustration over McCain's contentious conversational approach. One person wrote, "Dear [The View]: Whoopi has had it with Meghan McCain. Joy has had it with Meghan McCain. Sunny has had it with Meghan McCain. Sara has had it with Meghan McCain. Your audience has had it with Meghan McCain. When will you get the memo?"


Writer and Army veteran David Weissman offered his own take on the situation, suggesting that McCain's heated words with the other co-hosts often overshadow every other aspect of the show. "I'm sick and tired of seeing the [The View] trend because they rather keep Meghan McCain on for ratings instead of having good faith discussions," he wrote on Monday. "She is becoming just as bad as Rush Limbaugh, to be honest. At least CNN had the decency to fire Rick Santorum."