'The View': Meghan McCain Calls out Melania Trump's Anti-Bullying Campaign Amid Donald's 'Disparaging' Remarks About Dingell Family

First Lady Melania Trump's "Be Best" campaign is facing criticism from The View co-host Meghan McCain. During Thursday's episode of the ABC talk show, McCain cast doubt on Trump's anti-bullying efforts after her husband, President Donald Trump, made controversial remarks about the late Congressman John Dingell "looking up" from hell.

"The 'Be Best' anti-bullying crap. I don't want to hear anymore from anybody," she said. "I don't want to hear it from Ivanka. I don't want to hear it from Melania. Until you get him in line when it comes to disparaging people – when you are disparaging widows and people who have served the country and war heroes who have passed, again I know something about it, until you get him in line, you are complicit in this as well."

The "Be Best" campaign, an anti-bullying campaign "with the goal of encouraging children to BE BEST in their individual paths," was picked up by the first lady after her husband took office, and has frequently faced criticism due to the president’s own frequent online attacks.

McCain's Thursday criticisms of the first lady's campaign were sparked after Trump, at a campaign rally held Wednesday night, took aim at the Dingell, suggesting that he had gone to hell following his death in February at the age of 92.

Earlier during Thursday's episode of The View, McCain had revealed that Dingell's wife, Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, had reached out to her earlier in the morning.

"There is a special kind of horrific monstrosity in this man that he does to widows," McCain said, revealing that both she and her mother have "reached out" to the congresswoman. "But I think for me yesterday, I was watching the impeachment process when I got home, and I too would not have voted for it…And then this happens."

"I think part of the problem is so many people are conflicted with, at least conservatives like I am, is like, everything is so politicized," she said. "And then you see him doing a rally in front of supporters cheering for someone's death, and cheering for a beloved World War II hero and congressman and making pain of a family's Christmas time and grief exponentially worse."


"If you have no heart, fine," she added. "I said yesterday I gave up on him having a conscience or a heart, but the politics of it are so blanking dumb because all the capital that you just gained by the complete partisanship that I saw with the impeachment process, you just lost, because it's cruel."

Responding to the comments made regarding her late husband, Debbie tweeted that her husband "earned all his accolades after a lifetime of service" and that Trump's words "brought me down in a way you can never imagine and your hurtful words just made my healing much harder."