'The View' Hosts Weigh in on Kendall Jenner Owning a Gun

On Thursday’s episode of The View, the co-hosts once again approached the topic of gun ownership after a Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip teased that Kendall Jenner was considering learning how to use a gun.

A promo for the latest episode of the hit E! show showed Kendall Jenner and her older sisters, Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian, discussing the topic, with Jenner admitting that the constant presence of stalkers outside her house scares her. The Kardashian women had differing opinions regarding the matter; however, the hosts of The View seemed to have reached a unanimous opinion on the topic.

“Someone like Kendall and people who are famous, the stalkers are a big issue. Over the years, we’ve heard about people who get through and kill people. The idea of a stalker coming around your house, I can totally see why she’d want to protect herself,” Sara Haines said.

Joy Behar also shared her own experience with fear and gun ownership, telling a story of when she was living in a remote area and her first husband left her home alone with their dogs and their baby. She told her co-hosts that she was “petrified” and that the experience made her reevaluate her stance on gun ownership.

“At that point, I said I want to learn how to use a handgun,” Behar said.

“I can tell you this from experience, people cut alarms. They can cut your wires,” Whoopi Goldberg commented on the subject of security systems. “I’m a gun owner. I think responsible gun owners don’t mind if you check into your past… I think when people educate themselves about guns and how to protect yourself, I get that. We all get that. But I think it’s interesting that this discussion is happening, even with [the Kardashians].”


Kim’s stance on Kendall mulling over a gun purchase came as a shock to many, including Khloé, who asked if Kim would have felt safer if she had a gun when she was robbed in Paris. But Kim’s disapproval of the idea stems from her concern for her children, saying she “wouldn’t want my kids around it."

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