'The View' Fans Chime in Immediately After Meghan McCain Weighs in on Donald Trump's Iran Airstrike

In news that won't come as much of a surprise to viewers of The View, Meghan McCain's recent comments on the program have caused a bit of a stir. On Monday episode, McCain voiced her support for President Donald Trump's airstrike on Iran that killed Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani, even saying that she was "happy" about the controversial move. As one might have expected, her comments have drawn intense responses from those on social media.

"Yesterday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Soleimani was, quote, actively plotting against the American public and that Trump made the right decision," McCain said. "I was actually really surprised to see things like World War III trending, just given the fact that Soleimani was responsible for over 600 American deaths."

"Why do you think people are reacting the way that they are?" she continued to ask. "Do you think it's just because there is this trust gap, if you will, between the President of the United States and the American public? For me, when a big, bad terrorist gets blown up, I'm happy about it."

Naturally, given McCain's "happy" comments on a very controversial issue, many took to Twitter to address the View co-host.

"When a big bad terrorists gets blown up, I’m happy about it”, she says. Perspective is everything, they say," one user wrote. "I imagine the perspective of a child in Afghanistan or Iraq might be exactly the same. Who IS the terrorist?"

Another user went so far as to call for McCain to be fired in response to the clip.


"View I have one for you you could do us all a favor fire Meghan McCain and then hire judge Judy to replace her," they wrote, referencingJudge Judy Sheindlin's appearance on the episode in a separate segment. "at least then we'll get someone on The view that knows what they're talkin about unlike Megan."

You can always count on McCain to offer up her unique (and, sometimes, controversial) opinion on The View. And, in response, you can pretty much bet that viewers and Twitter users alike will have a little something to say about those very opinions.