'The View' Co-Hosts Call on First Lady Melania Trump to Denounce President Trump's Bullying Against McCain Family

The View co-Hosts called on First Lady Melania Trump to denounce President Trump's bullying against Meghan McCain and her family.

During Wednesday's episode, the ladies of the show discussed Trump publicly calling McCain "disgraceful," and adding, "I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be."

"This is a psycho," Joy Behar said in regards to the Presidents comments. "He's not normal; he's obsessed with people that did not support him."

Sunny Hostin then offered, "We've heard that the First Lady's platform is 'Be Best', about cyberbullying. I would like to see Melania Trump…the Trump family stop this in the White House."

Meghan McCain, however, expressed that her family has a strong backbone and will be fine. She explained that she would rather people put their energy into helping bullied individuals who "don't have women from The View to come out and support their family."

"There are kids committing suicide because of cyberbullying," she went on to say.

The women of The View are not the only ones to take issue with Trump's comments on the late politician, as GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson has also spoken out.

"It's deplorable what he said," Isakson said, according to CNN. "That's what I said on the floor of the Senate seven months ago. It will be deplorable seven months from now if he says it again and I will continue to speak out."

"There aren't Democratic causalities and Republican casualties on the battlefield, there are American casualties. And we should never reduce the service that people give to this country including the offering of their own lives to any political fodder in Washington, DC, or anywhere else for that matter," he continued.

"We can't talk about our veterans in any way but to thank them for the service they render for the job that they do," Isakson went on to say. "If my kids started talking John McCain not being a hero, or because he was a prisoner of war didn't make any difference, they would have a serious conversation with me and I would have it with them."


At this time, Trump does not appear to have commented on the rebuke he received from the hosts of The View.