'The View': Abby Huntsman's Fans Weigh in on Photo She Posted Just Days Before Show Exit

Abby Huntsman's social media is getting quite a bit more attention than usual on Monday after she announced she's leaving The View to help run her father Jon Huntsman Jr.'s gubernatorial campaign in Utah. After sharing a photo over the weekend with her dad on the campaign trail, plenty of her followers and other social media users weighed in on the news in the comments and replies.

"You go girl!! I'm 100% Democrat here but love you and your sensible opinions on The View. I'm really serious. You are great!!!!" one fan tweeted in response to Huntsman's selfie with her dad from Saturday.

"Good for you. I'm not crying over this departure," one Twitter user wrote.

"Thank you to the man who helped raise a very poised and well mannered lady!" another wrote.

"Good luck on your new adventure," someone else said.

"You were such a wonderfully balanced voice at the table on [The View]. I may not share many of your political views but it didn't matter because you seem kind and reasonable. Many blessings and good wishes on your next endeavor!" another said.

"I'm gonna miss you on The View I've enjoyed your arguments your view the encouragement inspiration that you've given," one Instagram user wrote in the comments section of the post.

"This Democrat is so very sad to see you leave The View. Best of luck on the Governor's race, and I sincerely hope to see you return to the table. You are a class act!!" another said.

"Nooo! I'll miss you on The View. You are one of my favorite hosts on there. I've been watching that show since it started too. Good luck to you girl!" someone else wrote.

"Please come back to [The View] when the primary is over in Utah. Our nation needs as many calming voices as it can get!" another said.

Not everyone wished Huntsman well, however.

"Sadly, I lost all respect for you on The View. You've lost all credibility with me," one Twitter user wrote.

"You were so mean to Meghan [McCain] too, just so you could score points with Whoopi, ridiculous," one viewer of The View wrote.

Huntsman announced the news of her departure on Monday morning, explaining that she came to the decision to leave during the show's winter hiatus; her father had already asked her for help running his campaign when it launched.

Huntsman has been a co-host of The View since the start of its 22nd season in September 2018, having got her start at ABC News while interning at Good Morning America and World News Tonight in college. She later served as a news desk assistant for ABC News in Washington D.C. and an assistant booker for Good Morning America in New York City, according to ABC News. In October 2015, she joined Fox News as a general assignment reporter, and was named as a co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend in December 2016, which she held until she joined The View.


Huntsman Jr. is one of five Republican candidates vying for governor of Utah. He held the title from 2005 to 2009 and subsequently became the Ambassador to China. In 2017, he accepted a position as Ambassador to Russia.

Huntsman's last episode on The View will be Friday, Jan. 17.