'The Rook' Canceled: Olivia Munn's Starz Show Ending After Only 1 Season

Unfortunately, for fans of The Rook, the Starz series will not return after its first season. On Wednesday, TVLine reported that The Rook, which starred Olivia Munn and Emma Greenwell, has been canceled. The Starz series was based on the 2012 novel by Daniel O'Malley and followed Greenwell's Myfanwy, an agent who worked in a secret branch of the British government that dealt with matters of Extreme Variant Abilities.

The Rook originally premiered on Starz in the summer of 2019 with its first (and, now, only) season consisting of 8 episodes. In light of the news about the series' cancellation, fans on social media have responded to express their disappointment over the fact that the show will not come back for Season 2.

"That's too bad. Didn't get a chance," one fan wrote about the series' cancellation.

Another fan directed their response at Starz, writing that they were none too pleased to see that The Rook was canceled and that they'll be canceling their subscription to the network as a result.

In addition to Greenwell's Myfanwy, the series also highlighted Munn's character Monica Reed, the lone American on the show. In an interview with Collider in advance of the show's premiere, Munn spoke about her experience making the series.

"I'm the only American character in the cast. I'm definitely the American eyes looking into this corrupt agency," the star told the publication. "We're all part of the same organization, but I'm a part of the U.S. organization, having come over to the London agency, and she's trying to figure out what's going on within this agency. At the same time, she has her own personal agenda that she's trying to figure out, as well. So, it was a really interesting, fun role to play."

Elsewhere in her interview, Munn noted that she greatly enjoyed learning about the mysteries of The Rook during her time on the show.


"I was surprised. I love this kind of show, when you're trying to unravel and figure it out, especially binge watching it and putting it together," she said. "By the time it came around, it was already starting to make some sense, but there were definitely moments, motivations or reasons that I wasn't expecting, for sure."

Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images