'The Ranch': First Promo Photo From Final Episodes Released

Following the announcement that The Ranch is ending at Netflix, the first promo photo from the final episodes has been released.

The image features stars Ashton Kutcher, Elisha Cuthbert, Dax Shepard, and Sam Elliott sitting at a high-top bar table and having a few beers.

Both Kutcher and Cuthbert shared the photo, along with messages about the series ending.

Fans of the blue collar sitcom have not taken the news well, as many have taken to social media themselves to lament its forthcoming end.

"Damn, I'm sorry to hear this. I've enjoyed the show, and it's been good to see rural blue-collar Americans represented on television for a change instead of all urban/suburban folks," one fan said. "Hope [Danny Masterson] can return for the finale (I don't believe Rooster is dead)."

"Totally bummed this is ending. One of the best Netflix series I've ever watched," another fan said.

"Thanks for a really great show, loved every episode, funny, heart warming at times, the set looks so relaxing and comforting to be on haha, excellent rewatch-ability. I'll be re-watching it for years to come. I'm excited for the final season," someone else wrote.

The final season of The Ranch will be split into two sets of 10 episodes each, the first of which will air later this year.


The Ranch Season 4, Part 2 will debut in 2020.

Photo credit: Netflix