'The Ranch' Actor Jim Beaver Updates Status of Niece's Cancer Treatment

Jim Beaver provided his Facebook friends and followers with an update on his niece's battle with cancer.

The Ranch actor, known for his portrayal of Chuck on the Netflix series, took to social media, as he has throughout 16-year-old niece Kira's battle with brain cancer, which he first shared in November.

In a Facebook post on Sept. 18, the actor revealed that while the young girl's treatment has been going well, there may be new tumors forming.

I'll start with the good news," Beaver started the health update. "Kira's treatment went well. The doctors said her tumor looks a little better and there are no spots on her spine. This means that they did not feel it was a big risk to skip the intrathecal (back/spine) treatment again this go round. So, she will not have that back pain and severe headaches she had previously. We're thankful for that."

The actor then announced that another possible tumor was not reacting to the treatment, which led doctors to suggest an alternative method of treatment. The battle has led the family to consult with doctors in San Diego and Mexico to figure out next steps in Kira's treatment.

"If we decide to go through with this surgery, it is not certain we would be able to convince our US doctors to perform it - even though that would be ideal for us logistically. And even if they do, it is highly unlikely that insurance would cover it so we may be back to the fundraising drawing board," Beaver added of the experimental procedure.

He added that the doctors in Mexico believe supplementing the treatments the young girl is on now with the surgical procedure could lead to more progress in her treatment.

In a previous health update in June, Beaver revealed that Kira's tumor had been considered inoperable, though the doctors from outside of the U.S. might have delivered new hope.

"These docs are passionate about this and about helping Kira," he wrote on the post, which also included photos of himself and Kira. "They want to move asap on this procedure so we're back to making quick decisions with no guarantees and not enough information."

He added as he concluded the post, thanking his followers for their continued to support and donations to Kira's GoFundMe campaign, which has already raised more than $343,000 of its $450,0000 goal.


"We're leaving in the morning for home," he added. "Hoping for smooth travels and quick recovery and clarity in direction over the next few days."