The Masters Bumps CBS Sunday Morning and Fans Are Not Pleased At All

There was no CBS Sunday Morning this weekend, as the show was pre-empted by live coverage of the Masters.

The Masters tournament has suffered repeated delays due to inclement weather, and on Sunday it all fell on CBS' beloved weekend news show. CBS Sunday Morning confirmed at 7:30 a.m. — just an hour and a half before its usual air time — that it was being replaced by the Masters.

"SPECIAL ALERT Due to inclement weather, the Masters has confirmed a 9 AM ET start time for CBS's live coverage of the final round this morning," came a tweet from the show's official Twitter account. "[Sunday Morning] is preempted this morning but will return on April 21. Enjoy our 'Marathon of Nature' on our social channels."

Fans were devastated by the sudden schedule change, especially so soon before their show was meant to air. CBS Sunday Morning is a beacon of quieter, more contemplative news and human interest coverage each week, and many fans wondered what they would do without it.

"It's not Sunday without CBS Sunday Morning. Next you'll tell me that my coffee is being replaced with tea," one fan tweeted.

"I am sorry to hear this. Wish the golf was on a cable channel so the network shows could be on for the rest of us!" added another.

"Well that's rotten! Not a golf fan! Who watches golf?" wondered a third person. "I look forward to [CBS Sunday] every Sunday."

CBS News amended previews for Sunday's show to note that the segments prepared for this week will air "at a later date." The network had already released sneak-peeks of the show, so it is possible it will be withheld until Sunday, April 21 and aired then.

On Friday, CBS News released a preview of what was supposed to be one of Sunday's feature stories: an in-depth interview with Kris Jenner. The segment was meant to explore how and why the Kardashian family became an international sensation, and how the "momager" and her daughters maintain their massive social media empire.

"My daughters are constantly getting offers to post something for a company, or a brand, on social media," she said. "They have a fee for a post, or a fee for a story, a fee for Facebook … they have a fee schedule."


The episode was also meant to be a CBS Sunday Morning's annual "Money Issue," exploring financial questions just in time for tax day. It was to be guest-hosted by correspondent Martha Teichner rather than the show's usual anchor Jane Pauley.

CBS Sunday Morning airs every weekend at 9 a.m. ET on CBS.