'The Masked Singer' Season 5 Premiere Date Revealed

Less than two months after the Season 4 finale of The Masked Singer, it's been announced when fans can expect an all-new season. The 5th Season of the popular Fox show will premiere on March 10 at 8 p.m ET, according to TVLine. Last season, LeAnn Rimes won everyone over with her incredible voice as she was disguised as the Sun.

Viewers can expect to see their favorite judges panel return including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong. Niecy Nash will step in as a temporary host because Nick Cannon fell ill to COVID-19. The Masked Singer grew in popularity after the Season 1 premiere in Jan. 2019. While many seemed to tilt their head at the thought of a show like this one, millions quickly engaged as viewers were able to play detective as they attempted to figure out who's under what mask.

The challenge to guess who's under what mask has also become more difficult as time passes. During the first season, several guessed accurately, but as the production crew learned new tricks, they brought new angles to the show. Now, making it nearly impossible to guess who's who, this has only sparked more interest for fans. In fact, Cannon has admitted that he doesn't even know who's disguised as what because every person that walks into the studio remains disguised until they get to their rooms or trailers. It's just as much of a guessing game for Cannon as it is for the rest of us.

Each season brings something new for fans, and as each one has passed, viewers feel more-and-more connected to the judges. In fact, a fan-favorite is Jeong. While he adds a comedic angle to the judging process, usually not guessing accurately with sometimes outlandish picks on who someone could be, occasionally he guesses correctly and wows the audience. In fact, he's become such a beloved personality, he's now the host of I Can See Your Voice.


While the producers have planned for new twist and turns each season for show fans, they were in for a new way of doing things themselves when the pandemic swept the nation. Ahead of Season 4, everyone involved on the show had to find a new, safe way of bringing the show to life with extreme limitations. However, they managed to do it safely and fans seemed more than pleased with the final product.