'The Masked Singer' Finale Scores Series High Ratings

The Masked Singer aired its finale on Wednesday evening, and scored the highest ratings of the season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Masked Singer's two-hour finale snagged a 3.1 rating among adults 18-49, and topped off with a 3.8 in the final 30 minutes of the episode.

Overall, the episode garnered more than 10 million viewers total, which is also a series high.

During the finale, rapper T-Pain was unmasked as the Monster, and won the entire Season 1 competition.

"What an insane ride...truly one of the most humbling and amazing things I've ever done. Thanx to everybody...Ya'll don't know how much this means, I'm doing a lot of this right now, overwhelmed & soaking it all in right now!!! Love to everybody who watched," he later said in a post-show Twitter statement.

On the heels of the show's finale, The Masked Singer executive producer Craig Plestis sat down with THR and spoke about the experience of making the show a reality, specifically addressing what he felt worked best over the course of Season 1.

"When we went bizarre and went a little crazy, it worked, and we know that's the secret ingredient that we're going do for season two. So if you think this season was bizarre, just wait until you see season two," he said. "What worked is really going for it with the costumes — go crazy with it, don't play it safe. Have fun making it and letting everyone be involved with the party."


"Part of what's going on right now is there are many shows out there that are great — a lot of people are just a little too serious about some of them. Our show is not a serious show at all. It's a fun party that you can come to each week and invite into your house, and that's what we need in America — just to disengage a little bit," Plestis added. "There's so much crazy stuff going on, and this is a show you don't have to worry about it. You can just worry about who's underneath the Peacock mask, and who's underneath the Monster mask."

There is currently no word on when Season 2 will debut, but Hulu subscribers can revisit The Masked Singer Season 1 anytime on the streaming platform.