'The Good Doctor': Dr. Aaron Glassman Will [SPOILER] After Brain Cancer Diagnosis

In the season finale of The Good Doctor, Dr. Aaron Glassman learned that he might just survive after brain cancer.

good doctor aaron glassman cancer finale
(Photo: ABC/Eike Schroter)

The finale, "More," began with Glassman telling Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) he only has 15 to 18 months left to live. Shaun insists Glassman get a second opinion, but he refuses. So Shuan gets to work with trying to find a solution for his mentor.

Shaun enlists Jessica (Beau Garrett) to convince Glassman to get another imaging test. The doctor discovers that Glassman's first diagnosis was wrong. In reality, he has an even worse diagnosis. He only has three months to live.

Glassman tries to get Shaun to stop combing through every bit of medical knowledge he can find. He would rather have fun in his last moments, than try to find some miracle cure.

Glassman also tries to convince Shaun that it is hopeless to try to find a cure. Shaun surprisingly says "OK," but continues telling Glassman what might work to find the tumor. He suggests doing a biopsy through Glassman's nose.

Surprisingly, Glassman had the biopsy, and the doctors learned that Glassman's situation is not as dire. He can have chemotherapy and brain surgery. After that, he could go to the Super Bowl next season.

"You're going to live," Shaun said.

"Let's hope so," Glassman replied.

At the end of last week's penultimate episode "Smile," Shaun surprisingly set up Glassman (Richard Schiff) after noticing he had some chemistry with Debbi (Sheila Kelly), who works at the St. Bonaventure Hospital cafeteria. Shaun insisted the two should be together, incorrectly assuming they are both Jewish.

Glassman got up the courage to ask Debbi out on a coffee date, which does not go so well at first. However, after seeing a vitage car in an accident, they realized they had something in common - a love of vintage cars. They go out on a dinner date, which seems to go well... until Glassman can no longer talk and feels a pain in his head.

During the preview, we saw Glassman tell Shaun about his brain tumor.


The second season of The Good Doctor will air on ABC in Fall 2018.

Photo credit: ABC/Eike Schroter