'The Goldbergs' Star Hayley Orrantia on Show's Future: 'I Can't Say Anything Is Set in Stone' (Exclusive)

The Goldbergs is coming back this fall for Season 7, and Hayley Orrantia hopes the show goes on [...]

The Goldbergs is coming back this fall for Season 7, and Hayley Orrantia hopes the show goes on for "years and years" to come. The 1980s-set ABC comedy series, which also inspired the 1990s-set spinoff series Schooled, made headlines earlier this summer after the announcement creator Adam F. Goldberg would be stepping down as showrunner of the upcoming episodes to focus on developing new projects for the network.

Though his replacement, Chris Bishop and Alex Barnow, have worked on the show since its premiere, fans expressed their concern about the future of the family comedy series. Orrantia shared in a conversation with PopCulture.com she is committed to playing Erica Goldberg as long as fans want the show to continue.

"I got so lucky to be able to be put into this position on a show that has been so long lasting and has such a great fanbase. And I personally have no issue playing this character as long as possible," the actress and singer told PopCulture.com in a phone interview Sept. 4.

"I have a really good feeling that this is definitely not going to be our last year. I mean, I can't say anything is set in stone... but at the same time, I am fairly confident this is definitely not our last year," she continued. "I am fairly confident we could go two or more years if the fans want us there."

The show has a special treat for fans upon its return this fall, as the Season 7 premiere will be a star-studded tribute to National Lampoon's Vacation, featuring appearances from the Christie Brinkley, Anthony Michael Hall and other surprise guests.

While filming the tribute episode was a busy time for the cast and crew, Orrantia said it was worth it to bring an authentic tribute to the classic film.

"Goldbergs is really good at touching on these iconic '80s movies and TV shows and when we do it, we try to do it as true to the original movie as possible. So there's going to be a lot of things that are very similar in what happens in the movie, but with our friends and family," she teased of the premiere.

"We filmed in the desert, Disneyland, and we actually for to film there for a full day... there were a lot of different kinds of places and it was, all in all, a very difficult week of filming," she added. "But I think people are going to be really happy with the results because the producers do such a great job [honoring] those movies."

After the vacation, Erica will be trying out college one more time, along with Barry (Troy Gentile) this time around. Orrantia kept details vague about how the siblings will get along in their new environment, but promised "shenanigans" are on their way.

"It's going to be pretty entertaining. Whether that's just like trying to find new friends in college and, obviously being very different people, or even finding roommates," Orrantia teased, also teasing Parents' weekend might be happening at the college soon. "There's going to be a series of college moments between Erica and Barry that I think we have not seen anything like yet."

Ready for more The Goldbergs? The series will return for Season 7 Wednesday, Sept. 25. You can also check out Orrantia's new single, "Nights and Weekends," right here.