'The Conners' Cleans up Its Act in New Promo With John Goodman

The Conners is slowly rolling out teases for its debut season, and the latest clip sees the show [...]

The Conners is slowly rolling out teases for its debut season, and the latest clip sees the show attempting to turn over a new leaf.

In the latest promo for the ABC sitcom, the family's quilt, which is always shown on the back of their couch, is being washed in a laundromat. As it spins around inside the washing machine, the words "ONE MONTH" cycle through.

As the end of the teaser, we hear the familiar voice of John Goodman, who plays Dan Conner on the series. Goodman delivers a simple tag at the end to convey the show's return date.

"The Conners premieres Tuesday Oct. 16 on ABC," he says.

The backing music for the promo is Carly Simon's 1971 single "Anticipation." It has been featured in all of the teasers for the upcoming ABC sitcom, which is a spinoff of Roseanne.

Simon's lyrics of "anticipation ... Is keepin' me waitin'" are meant to provide a nostalgic soundtrack for the series, all while tying into the mystery and hype surrounding the project.

All the teasers have shown glimpses of the Conners' life without any characters in them. The main absence emphasized is Roseanne Barr's. Barr played matriarch Roseanne Conner in Roseanne, from its inception up through the revival season in spring 2017. Barr was fired after she made a racist tweet about a former adviser to President Barack Obama.

Roseanne was subsequently cancelled despite massive ratings, and ABC scrambled to salvage something. The Conners is the result, featuring all Roseanne cast members returning, with the exception of Barr.

"I regret the circumstances that have caused me to be removed from Roseanne," Barr said. "I agreed to the settlement in order that 200 jobs of beloved cast and crew could be saved, and I wish the best for everyone involved."

The cast also released a joint statement, saying, "We have received a tremendous amount of support from fans of our show, and it's clear that these characters not only have a place in our hearts, but in the hearts and homes of our audience. We all came back last season because we wanted to tell stories about the challenges facing a working-class family today. We are so happy to have the opportunity to return with the cast and crew to continue to share those stories through love and laughter."

The Conners will premiere Tuesday Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC