'Big Bang Theory' Showrunner Reveals If Anyone Will Die in Final Season

Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Holland was recently asked if anyone will die in the show's final season, and fans will likely be thrilled at his answer.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the topic of Modern Family's upcoming and under-wraps "significant" death came up and Holland explained that this was not a direction his show was planning to go for their current, and final, season.

"We haven't gotten to the ending yet. We've dealt with the death of Wolowitz's mother. So, sure, those things are possibilities, but when we get down to the finale — and nothing is set in stone since we haven't written it yet — but the DNA of the show is a happy, positive, loving show and I don't think it would feel right to leave this show on a downer note," Holland said.

Based on Holland's response, it sounds as if Big Bang Theory fans can rest easy knowing that there favorite lovable TV geeks are safe from a fatal finale.

Holland also spoke about the show's many fabulous guest stars and shared what other guests he has on his series "bucket list," including Star Trek icon William Shatner.

"We have talked about [Shatner] in the past; we've even come close to having him on in the past and it hasn't worked out. As a big Star Wars fan, I would love to meet George Lucas. I don't know if there's a right way to get him on the show," he stated. "We have Jerry O'Connell coming back as Sheldon's brother, George, we have Keith Carradine coming back as Penny's dad."

The showrunner also opened up about the direction that Sheldon and Amy's lives will now take following their big wedding at the end of the season 11, saying that things like kids and buying a house are all "on the table," along with Sheldon "having to deal with...in-laws for the first time."

"Kathy Bates and Teller came back in the premiere and Sheldon is going to have to navigate bonding with his in-laws," Holland explained. "Sheldon and Amy working together and being married is going to be a thing that plays out throughout the season."


"It's easy to focus on Sheldon and how he adapts to marriage, but I also think it's interesting how Amy adapts to it because she is also a strong, independent scientist and now she's going to have to wrestle with how she maintains that identity now that she's part of this couple, especially when they're also working together," he added. "That's an interesting story you haven't seen told that much."

The Big Bang Theory aired its season 12 premiere on Monday, Sept. 24 and will assume its regular weekly time-slot on Thursday, Sept. 27 on CBS.