'Take Two' Premiere: Rachel Bilson's 'Cougar' Wig Breaks Twitter

ABC's newest series Take Two wasted no time getting into an action-packed case, but it was Rachel [...]

ABC's newest series Take Two wasted no time getting into an action-packed case, but it was Rachel Bilson's "cougar" wig that stole the show during the series premiere.

The first episode of the new detective dramedy introduced disgraced TV star Samantha Swift (Bilson) after a stint in rehab. Determined to get back into her acting career, Sam books a role on an indie film as a private investigator and her agent connects her with P.I. Eddie Valetik (Eddie Cibrian), who she plans to shadow so she can be authentic in playing the role.

After a not-so nice first meeting with Eddie, the pair is thrust into their first case involving the disappearance of a girl who apparently arrived in Los Angeles to apply for an internship.

As they investigate, Sam finds herself becoming more and more invested in her new career. Discovering how her ability to examine people's body language and put herself in subject shoes helps solve crimes makes her feel alive in ways acting never did before.

(Photo: ABC/David Bukach)

After some digging, Eddie and Sam discover the missing girl, Lynette, was actually in town to convince her bad-boy boyfriend to return home, but he had been killed by a mysterious organized crime boss known as "Deacon."

Sam, Eddie and Lynette are found by one of Deacon's henchmen, after Sam's phone accidentally rings as they are hiding. Eddie and Sam get into a fight about her interfering on his case, and she reveals the call was her agent telling her the movie fell through, so their partnership was for nothing.

Later, the actress shares her feeling about the job to her agent, gets a hunch that cracks the case wide open and leads her back to Eddie. The pair find out Deacon is a powerful L.A. judge and the pair devise a plan to break into his house and get evidence to incriminate him... and here comes the wig.

Sam realizes the best way for them to go into his house is during a party and, to hide her high profile identity, the actress puts on a short bob, blonde wig and applies some aging make-up.

Viewers tuning in to the premiere were not as supportive of the character's disguise, sounding off with some hilarious comments on Twitter.

Sam, however was feeling her look, saying: "I used to be scared of getting older but damn, I'm a serious cougar."

The disguise, which Sam later reveals to be named Dixie Burnside, successfully enters the room, and after a few hilarious, yet tense, run-ins with the judge's bad guys, save Lynette and get the evidence they need to get the judge to prison.

The day after, as Eddie walks into his office and finds a front-page news story about their case, he finds that his P.I. business is crawling with new clients. The catch? They want both him and Sam on the case.

Here's to more episodes, and terrible wigs, to come this summer.

Take Two airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.