'Succession' Season 3: Will We Learn What Happened to Rose Roy?

Succession Season 3 is underway on HBO, and during our Season 2 re-watch, one of the show's big mysteries popped up. While it isn't odd for members of the Roy family to keep secrets from one another and outside parties, there's one subject that seems to be another kind of secret. The family refuses to speak about Rose Roy, the late sister of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and Ewan Roy (James Cromwell). So, what happened to her?

The subject of Rose and her death first presents itself in Season 2, Episode 8, "Dundee." The Roys travel back to Dundee, Scotland, where Logan and his siblings grew up. Logan is there to be honored while also taking a trip down memory lane, visiting spots from his youth. However, one aspect of his past he doesn't want to revisit is Rose.

While Rhea Jarrell (Holly Hunter) prepares for a toast, Logan's son Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) sets her up to fail and offend Logan. He tells Rhea to bring up "his sister Rose who's no longer with us" because the media mogul "might appreciate that." When Rhea says Rose's name, Logan is visibly affected and sets his glass down.

Rose comes up later in the episode when Ewan confronts his brother about his misdeeds as the head of a mega-corporation. He notes that Logan apparently blames himself for Rose's death. "All those years blaming yourself for Rose. That really wasn't your fault," Ewan says. This, though, this is your fault. This empire of s—."

The topic of Rose hasn't been brought up since. However, we're wondering if we'll learn more in Season 3. After all, Logan and Kendall are going to war over control of the company. Could this upsetting part of Logan's past come to light as dirt is dug up against him? We'll just have to keep watching Succession Season 3 to find out. New episodes air each Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. In addition to airing live on HBO, episodes also stream on HBO Max, starting at the same time. Fans looking to catch up with the acclaimed dramedy can stream all prior episodes on HBO Max, as well.