'Stranger Things': Actor Christopher Convery Recalls 'Amazing' Experience Working With Millie Bobby Brown, Comments on Possibility of Season 4 Appearance (Exclusive)

During Season 3 of Stranger Things, in a semi-flashback sequence, fans were shown a glimpse of [...]

During Season 3 of Stranger Things, in a semi-flashback sequence, fans were shown a glimpse of young Billy Hargrove, as played by actor Christopher Convery. While only appearing in one episode of the hit sci-fi series, the 12-year-old star says that his time on set was an "amazing" experience. While speaking exclusively to PopCulture.com, Convery also praised series star Millie Bobby Brown, recalling, "All of my scenes were with her and she was always such a nice person. The first time I met her, she just ran up to me, gave me the biggest hug ever. It was just amazing."

Please note: Stranger Things Season 3 Spoilers Below

He went on share about meeting the rest of the Stranger Things cast, saying, "I love Stranger Things and it was so awesome for me and everyone there was just so nice."

One of the other exciting aspects of working on the show, for Convery, was that when he went to the hair and makeup trailer, he got to play with dogs. "They had four dogs in the trailers, and it was so fun," he shared, "You go in, start on hair and makeup and all these dogs would just be jumping on my lap licking me. It was just so amazing to work on Stranger Things."

Notably, Billy — played mainly by actor Dacre Montgomery — does not make it out of Season 3 alive, leaving a questions as to whether Convery could return for Season 4. This is something that even the actor himself has no idea about, explaining, "Well, first of all, I can't say. Second of all, I do not know. I don't, I honestly do not know."

While the chances of Convery turning up again in Stranger Things seem slim, fans can currently catch him in Brahms: The Boy II, a sequel to the 2016 horror flick, The Boy.

In the movie, Convery stars as Jude, a young boy who is traumatized after his family are victims of a home invasion. After moving away to seek a calmer environment, Jude and his parents settle at the Heelshires' property, where he finds Brahms, the sinister doll.

Starring alongside Convery in the film is iconic actress Katie Holmes, who he praised as a "true professional," adding, "She would do a full characterization but I've definitely learned from her and Owain [Yeoman], my dad in the movie, and it would just make it really bring the characters to life, it would really make them look like an actual family."

Brahms: The Boy II is now playing in theaters everywhere. Stranger Things does not currently have an announced Season 4 premiere date, but will likely debut later this year.