'Station 19' Leaves 2 Major Characters in Danger in Fall Finale Cliffhanger

Station 19 left two main characters possibly dead in a devastating cliffhanger during the wind storm-themed fall finale.

Ben (Jason George) checked in on his wife — as they are currently on break following Bailey (Chandra Wilson) wanting time alone to deal with her stress — before the big wind storm. As they came together to weather the the storm together while celebrating a Friendsgiving at Dean's (Okieriete Onaodowan) place, they are later called into work.

Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) and Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) are tasked to help a victim who closely resembles the circumstances of Sullivan's wife's death.

Back at the station, Ryan (Alberto Frezza) and his dad (Dermot Mulroney) bring the food for Friendsgiving to the team so they can still enjoy despite having to work. At the crash site, Sullivan and Andy fight the strong winds and get a patient on their ambulance.

Ben (Jason George), Dean, Travis (Jay Hayden), Vic (Barrett Doss), Chief Ridley (Brett Tucker) and Bishop (Danielle Savre) answer another call and while they drive to the sight and talk about their respective romantic issues, they are stunned when a tree branch smashes into their windshield and breaks it.

Despite the setback, the firefighters make it to the site of a man trapped in a car under a house ceiling. As the firefighters work to free the man, they realize that a house fire started at the man's house while they weren't looking.

Ben and Travis enter the home and find people inside, Ben goes and helps to evacuate two babies as the fire rages on. He safely returns the twins to her mother and he rushes back inside to save the grandma, without oxygen. He finds the woman unconscious and is trapped inside the room.

"I have no exit. I repeat, I have no exit," Ben says.

He is later happy to see other firefighters arrive to save him and the grandmother from the flames. After successfully saving the family, the chief orders the firefighters to stay indoors until the storm passes, which gives them the opportunity to celebrate Friendsgiving in the end.

Following the difficult day, Ben and the rest of the crew sit down for the meal and the chief announces Maya will be transferring to Station 23 as a lieutenant.


The episode ends as Bishop tries to call Andy to tell her the news, but she doesn't answer. The series then shows Andy and Sullivan's ambulance crushed in a canyon after a serious crash, leaving both firefighter's fates in the balance.

Station 19 returns with new episodes in 2019 on ABC.