Sophia Bush Responds to 'Inappropriate Behavior' Allegations That Led to 'Chicago P.D.' Departure

Sophia Bush opened up about the allegations that "inappropriate behavior" on set led to her surprise departure from Chicago P.D.

The actress had a long chat with Andy Cohen Wednesday morning after calling into his Sirius XM radio show. Among the topics discussed during the interview, Bush commented on leaving the NBC crime procedural.

At the time of her exit, Deadline reported that Bush decided to leave the series in reaction to inappropriate behavior by co-star Jason Beghe. Universal Television said at the time they had "already taken action over the incident."

"It's a complicated question to answer only because 99.9 percent of the people who are on that show are my family," Bush said after Cohen asked whether her co-star's behavior was to blame, Too Fab reports. "And they are people who I would go to war for and they are people who I will protect and have chosen to protect very specifically and who I love very, very much."

"To have encountered two really terrible people over the course of my career is kind of a cakewalk," she added. "For me, while I think that we have to look at the way that allow people to behave and anybody in any relative position of power period, again it's not as simple as A-to-B. There is a whole life and a whole community and a whole tremendous group of people and I've worked with incredible crews over the years. I have never worked with a better crew, ever in my life, than my crew in Chicago."

"Life is short and life is also really, really long," she continued. "So you gotta figure out where you want to spend your 90 hours a week."

Bush starred as Erin Lindsay in the first four seasons of the NBC drama series, but left the show after the end of season four. At the end of the season, Erin decided to accept an FBI job in New York City, leaving an opening for her to exit at the time.

When she announced her exit from the show, Bush told Refinery29 that she just felt it was time to do something new.

"I don't have to give everyone the specific break down of exactly why I left until I'm ready to do that," Bush said. "But, the overarching theme for me, was that I landed my dream job. I landed this job that, since I was 20 years old and trying to become an actor, I said I wanted. And aspects of it, don't get me wrong, were wonderful. But, I realized by the end of the second season I couldn't do that job anymore."

Bush said the P.D. cast and crew became like family, but "I knew just how miserable I was going to work everyday."


Since leaving the series, Bush recently guest starred on now-canceled ABC comedy Alex, Inc. and will voice a new character on the upcoming sequel to The Incredibles.