Sophia Bush Finally Breaks Silence on 'Chicago P.D.' Exit

At the beginning of the summer, just after the network TV season had ended, Chicago P.D. shocked fans by revealing that star Sophia Bush wouldn't be back for Season 5 in the fall. It seemed very much like the departure was Bush's decision, but there was no official word to confirm that notion.

Now that the new season is underway, and P.D. has moved on from Bush's exit, the actress has broken her silence on the move. As it turns out, it was definitely her decision from the beginning.

On her Instagram account, Bush posted about her new show that she'll be executive producing for 20th Century Fox TV, and the comments about her P.D. exit started raining down. Some were supportive of Bush, while others questioned her decisions. In responding to some of the comments, the actress revealed that she wasn't asked to leave the show, but that she wanted out.

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"Took me a lot of time and a lot of hard work to get out of that show," Bush replied. "Please don't demean my capabilities by degrading my position. I left because I wanted to. End of story."

In another comment on the post, Bush told a fan that she has "Never stated why" she left.

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By the way Bush is talking about her exit, it sounds like she'd been wanting out for some time. Now that she's gone though, she's making the most of it, already taking charge on this new project with 20th Century Fox.