'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Reacts to Drake Thinking the Show Was Revived

Kurt Sutter has responded to Drake's would-be excitement over what he thought would be more episodes of Sons of Anarchy. The singer had posted a screenshot of a headline indicating that the FX biker drama had been renewed for two more seasons.

The news isn't true, but Sutter still acknowledged his response, which he he clearly appreciated. "Dear [Drake], as much as I wish this was true... it alas, is not," Sutter wrote in the caption. "And although you knew that, I can't help thinking... 'Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.' Thanks for the love."

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Drake had previously shared a headline from the Indian website Dkoding that falsely claimed SoA was coming back for two more seasons. The news, it turns out, was based on an incorrect reading of past reports about creator Kurt Sutter's planned and unmade SoA spinoffs, including a prequel miniseries, First Nine, and another that would follow the kids of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam). As Shutter shared, the headline read: "The Motorcycle Gang is Back: Sons of Anarchy Renewed for Two More Seasons."

While it is true that Sutter had previously said he wanted to develop two more SoA series, though he was fired by Disney following their acquiring of 20th Century Fox in 2018, which included the FX series. At the time, Sutter was working as co-showrunner on Mayans MC, a sequel series set years after the events in SoA, focusing on SAMCRO's rival-turned-uneasy-allies, the Mayans. Elgin James, who worked alongside Sutter, has since taken over sole showrunning duties.


SoA concluded its seven-season run back in 2014, with Mayans MC premiering in 2018. Speaking with Deadline back in 2019, Sutter mused about how he would have approached First Nine. "I love the idea of doing four two-hour episodes. The way I write, the episodes are way longer than they are supposed to be anyway. So that to me would have been ideal," Sutter explained. "I wanted to really let the time and place and politics influence story. Tonally, I think it would have been a little different than Sons. But that's as far as I got. I never sat down and started breaking story."