'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Answers Burning Question About Jax and Opie

While the world deals with self isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak, Sons of Anarchy creator Kirk Sutter decided to host his own Q&A on Twitter. Among the things he discussed were a new show pilot that he finished but is now "in limbo" because of the pandemic.

A question he was asked perked up the ears of many Sons of Anarchy fans. A user asked him about two of the show's most popular characters, Jax Teller and Opie Winston. The question that was posed was about the two's climb from prospect to club member. It also pertained to each having their fathers previously apart of the M.C.

"Of course they had to prospect. I think it's always harder on a prospect if they have family in the club. We got to play some of that our in Mayans MC," he began a series of tweets. "If you have blood in the club you have shoes to fill. Expectations to live up to. And the family member in the club usually goes out of their way to make it harder on the prospect to avoid any accusations of favoritism. I don't know if this ever made it into a script — but in the SOA writers room we talked about the idea that Jax didn't get patched in after his first year. That Clay, Chibs and Bobby decided Jax needed another year to prepare him for the weight of what he was about to inherit."

As for the pilot that Sutter alluded to, Sutter didn't go into much detail about what it pertained to, but did mention that it is an anthology and is "driven by music."

Sutter, who was fired from Mayans M.C. series after it was renewed for a third season, told Deadline that he never really wanted to do a spin-off from his hit FX show.


"I did not want to come back and do another MC show," he shared. "Besides seeming like an admission of only possessing a single creative skill set, I felt like I'd told all the stories I had in that world."

The third season of Mayans M.C. was set to air this fall. It's unclear if the series will still be scheduled to run at that time given the global pandemic.