'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Reveals If Jax Knew Gemma Helped Kill JT

Sons of Anarchy fans spent seven seasons seeing the inner-workings of the mother-son relationship between Gemma and Jax Teller. The connection was filled with twists-and-turns, lying and betrayal, which ultimately wound up playing into the fate of Gemma, played on the show by creator Kurt Sutter's wife, Katey Sagal.

Sutter has provided a shining light onto the world he created during the coronavirus pandemic. While quarantined and urging everyone to wear protective masks when out in public, Sutter has fielded numerous questions from fans of the hit FX series. He has previously touched on the Teller's when a fan asked why it took Jax seven seasons to realize everything that Gemma had done. Sutter was asked enough tough question by a follower of his who wanted to know why Jax never knew that his mother was responsible for his father's death.

"I think Jax always knew that Gemma had sway over Clay [Morrow] and what he was planning," Sutter began on Twitter. "But he also knew that JT created the scenario in which Clay was forced to make a change and on some level, JT welcomed his ultimate demise. When Gemma gave Jax permission to kill her for what she did to Tara. I think underneath all that was her need to be punished for what she did to JT. Jax knew that too."

For those who may have forgotten, Jax's father, John, died after sustaining injuries in an accident while out for a ride on the highway. It's later learned that his death was a sabotage plan orchestrated by Gemma and Clay. After seeing this, one fan responded to him and thanked him for a new take on this development, writing on Twitter, "I think this is a really cool take on it. And something I guess I internalized without realizing. Rock on, Kurt. Still giving us good s— almost a decade later."


In a previous reply to a fan question, Sutter explained that powerful moment in the garden in the seventh season in which Gemma met her fate at the hands of her own son. "Jax trusted Gemma because, no matter how much chaos she created, she was his f—ing mom. And he knew her maternal love was strong and genuine," he wrote in a two-part response. "That’s why he trusted her. That’s why Gemma knew when Jax found out about the betrayal, he could only do one thing. The outlaw thing. In the rose garden."

Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic