Charlie Hunnam Has Issues Recalling His American Accent Now That 'Sons of Anarchy' Has Ended

Former Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam recently spoke about how he has had issues recalling his American accent since the show ended.

During an interview with THR promoting his new Netflix movie Triple Frontier, Hunnam was asked if using a U.S. dialect was easier of harder for him these days, and he confirmed the latter was most accurate.

"It's certainly more difficult because I'm going off and doing different things. I've been working in England a lot, which sort of complicates the process a little bit," he explained. "I did some ADR on this film, and I certainly didn't do quite as good a job as I have in the past with the accent. By virtue of that, and of itself, I definitely struggle more now that I don't do it every day."

"I'm gonna address that next time out, when playing an American," Hunnam added. "Actually, I've played two American roles since I finished this, and I've addressed that on both occasions. So, hopefully, I'm back to optimal levels of proficiency."

The interviewer then commented how they "thought you sounded like your old self," to which Hunnam replied, "Well, that's great to hear. We may have fixed it in the editing room because J.C. [the Triple Frontier director] was very sensitive to that. He had a dialect coach come in, watch the film and identify any areas that she thought that I had slipped. And then we addressed it. So, we may well have fixed all the mistakes, but prior to that, there were definitely some mistakes made."

Hunnam went on to talk about the similarities between Sons of Anarchy and Triple Frontier, both of which deal with elements of " brotherhood."

"I think that I do flourish in the company of men. I've come to realize that the sense of tribe or community that I have with my group of friends is one of the pillars of my life," he shared. "For me to be at my best, I need a group of pals around me — my sort of extended family. In sort of exploring that, I think what J.C. Chandor was exploring in this film are two of the three pillars of self-determination theory — competence and autonomy — which can be bracketed under the banner of purpose and community."


"Sebastian Junger wrote a really interesting book about military life called Tribe, which is a book that I really admire and have read a couple of times, and had read just prior to reading this script," he went on to reveal. "It really resonated that what Sebastian Junger is exploring in Tribe is basically the same thing that J.C. is exploring, which is fundamentally how we categorize or identify some sort of deep meaning for ourselves as individuals. The idea being that purpose and community are two of the central pillars for a successful, fulfilling life."

Triple Frontier is now streaming on Netflix.