'SNL': Pete Davidson Jokes About Removing His Tattoos, Moving out of His Mom's House

Pete Davidson is growing up at last. The comedian gave fans a life update on Saturday Night Live this weekend, announcing that he is moving out of his mother's house and removing some of his tattoos. While poking fun at himself, he slipped in some punch lines about SNL as well.

Davidson joined the "Weekend Update" desk out of character on Saturday, ostensibly as a "relationship expert" to report on his Valentine's Day. The 27-year-old spent it at home watching movies with his mother, though he said the experience was not all bad. Davidson and his mother bought a home in Staten Island together, though he leans into the jokes about living in her basement when he can.

In some ways, I like the pandemic Valentine's because it's the first time being alone wasn't my fault," Davidson joked. "I spent the night eating chocolates and watching a movie with my mom, which is why I'm officially moving out of the house. One of us has to go."

Co-host Colin Jost asked Davidson if he was serious about moving, and he went on: "Yeah, I have to. The thing is, my mom is a lot like this show. No matter what I do, I'm never asked to leave. Also, they're both really old and noticeably fatigued."

Davidson almost lost composure as he cracked wise about his employer, and some in the audience gasped at his audacity. Meanwhile, Jost said that he had heard Davidson was planning to get some of his infamous tattoos removed as well. A picture of Davidson shirtless by a swimming pool flashed on the screen as the 27-year-old explained.

"I saw a picture of myself without a shirt and I look like a toddler went to prison," he said. "I look like I'm carrying a shiv but only to poke open a Capri Sun."

Davidson was one of the youngest cast members ever hired on SNL when he joined the series in 2014 at 20. Presumably, he lived with his mother at the time, but he moved to Brooklyn Heights, New York, in 2015, according to The New York Times report. He then lived with his fiance Ariana Grande during their brief engagement before it broke off in October of 2018. At that point, Davidson helped his mother purchase a home and moved into it with her.


"We live together. We're roommates," Davidson said of his mother on Netflix's Dressing Funny, shortly after they moved in together. "You know how your mom like, could be cool to everybody, but it's like, your mom. So you love her, but you're like, chill out, dude."

Davidson's personal updates remain a fan-favorite segment on "Weekend Update" and on SNL in general. The next new episode will feature Joe Jonas as both host and musical guest. It premieres on Feb. 27, 2021, at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.