'SNL' Blisters Meghan McCain's Victimhood in New 'The View' Sketch

Saturday Night Live took aim at The View once again this week, with another skit skewering host Meghan McCain.

McCain was played by Aidy Bryant once again this week. The comedian mocked McCain's rhetoric on the show, where she frequently invokes her late father, Senator John McCain. To begin, the parody talk show tackled the new abortion laws in Alabama.

"Okay, okay, okay can I talk now?!" she asked indignantly. "I am the only daughter at this table!"
After defending the senators who passed the controversial new laws, Bryant's mock-McCain lashed out again at the other hosts as if they were trying to interrupt her.

"Now please, please guys! Let me talk!" she said.

"No one else is talking," said Leslie Jones playing Whoopi Goldberg.

"Okay, you see? I'm getting attacked! And as the person most upset right now, I'm right," Bryant-as-McCain said.

At that point, Kate McKinnon, playing Joy Behar, began to make snide comments about McCain, and Goldberg shook a can of coins to frighten them into silence, as if they were pets. Behar and McCain's arguments on the show have become legendary, and contribute to The View's recent surge in popularity and relevance.

The skit continued with host Paul Rudd playing Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg. It was a good fit for Rudd, who played up Buttigieg's humble, awkward demeanor. However, as hard as he tried to change the subject to policies and political issues, the hosts wanted to talk about the optics of his run, especially his sexuality.

"I do want to say that I wouldn't be running for president if I didn't believe that America was ready to accept not only a gay man, but a boring gay man in the public eye," he said.

The skit snuck in one last joke about McCain and Behar's feuds at the end, with McCain snapping at Behar unprompted and Goldberg sounding an air horn to keep them quiet.

"Not today, satan," she proclaimed.


SNL mocked McCain and The View last month as well, with the same casting lineup. Both times, McCain responded on Twitter, taking the mockery as an "honor" and reminding her followers that she once worked as an intern on SNL. This time around, she also noted that she and Bryant went to the same high school.

"Can't believe I got parodied on SNL last night - is this the first time this has happened to a former Lorne Michaels intern?! Also, fun fact, [Aidy Bryant] and I went to the same high school in Phoenix," McCain tweeted.