Meghan McCain Apologizes for Sharing 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers on 'The View'

The View co-host Meghan McCain apologized to viewers Monday for letting some details of the Game of Thrones series finale slip during today's episode.

Since the Game of Thrones finale was all anyone was talking about Monday morning, the subject led off The View's "Hot Topics" segment. Whoopi Goldberg called the finale a "giant moment in pop culture," adding that, "This morning, there are actually counselors you can reach out to if you’re having a hard time."

Goldberg admitted to not being a big Game of Thrones fan, noting she stopped watching the show after the infamous Red Wedding in Season 3. Joy Behar said she has never seen an episode in her life, but McCain said she has been watching every episode and was not happy with the finale. She "spent eight years of my life watching this, and it was a horrible ending," McCain said.

McCain then started giving specific details from the episode, before Sunny Hostin tried to get her to stop.

“I’m sorry, but it’s all over the internet,” McCain insisted. "As a dedicated fan who watched live last night, like everyone is supposed to, it was terrible! I’m so disappointed.”

McCain then asked The View producers why they picked Game of Thrones as one of the "Hot Topics" if she could not talk details about the show.

“So we’re clear, I wasn’t told ‘no spoilers’ and I wasn’t told I couldn’t say anything,” she said. “Apparently I’m going to get the wrath of the internet when I leave.”

Just moments after taping The View, McCain took to Twitter, where she apologized.

"I’m so sorry for the #GOT spoilers on the show today! I assumed every diehard fan had watched! My bad," McCain wrote. "Don’t watch west coast if you don’t want a spoiler."

Later, a Twitter follower asked if she wanted viewers before she started talking about it. "No! I'm sorry," she replied.

McCain was not the only Game of Thrones fan with a negative reaction to the final season and Thrones' finale. In fact, a petition went viral with more than 1 million signatures from viewers demanding HBO remake Season 8.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow, predicted that the final season would divide people because of Daenerys Targaryen's (Emilia Clarke) controversial decisions.


“I think it’s going to divide. But if you track her story all the way back, she does some terrible things. She crucifies people. She burns people alive. This has been building," the actor said. "So, we have to say to the audience: ‘You’re in denial about this woman as well. You knew something was wrong. You’re culpable, you cheered her on.'"

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