'SNL': Kristen Stewart, Coldplay and Beck Bennett Cut It up in New Promo About Daylight Saving Time

In preparation for Saturday Night Live this weekend, Kristen Stewart and Coldplay filmed some fast-talking promos with cast member Beck Bennett. Stewart is the host on this week's episode of SNL, while Coldplay is the musical guest. If the ads are any indication, they will all be playing the confused comedian this weekend.

Stewart and Coldplay posed with Bennett for some quick promos ahead of this Saturday's new episode of SNL. After pretending to pose for a picture, they all argued about what Daylight Saving really means. The time-shift comes to an end in the early hours of Sunday morning, but Stewart, Coldplay and Bennett had a hard time remembering exactly how it works.

"It's Daylight Savings, so don't forget to throw out your clocks!" Bennett said.

"No, no, you turn them around and make them face the wall, corrected Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

"No, you guys, it's fall, so we're actually gaining an hour," Stewart said.

While this was correct, it filled Bennett with terror given the timing of the live SNL telecast.

"So, the show's two and a half hours?!" he asked.

"Oh yeah, that's way too long," Stewart agreed.

If the show did go for an extra hour, fans might not be upset, considering how excited they are for Stewart to host. The actress is on an unstoppable winning streak these days, and many are excited to see how she handles her return to the variety show. Stewart hosted once before in 2017, but at the time she accidentally got a swear word past the show's censors.

"We've got a great show, and I totally care that I'm hear 'cause it's the coolest f—ing —" Stewart stopped herself, realizing what she had said.

The flub came at the end of flawless monologue, where Stewart responded to the president's apparent fixation on her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Back in 2012, Donald Trump advised Pattinson not to get back together with Stewart on Twitter, calling her "a dog."

"I'm a little nervous to be hosting because I know that the president's probably watching and I don't think he likes me that much," she said in her 2017 monologue. "Four years ago, I was dating this guy called Rob and we broke up and then we got back together and, for some reason, it made Donald Trump go insane."

The political content will probably be at a peak again this week, as SNL responds to the developments in the impeachment inquiry as well. All in all, it is shaping up to be an eventful show.


Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.