'SNL': Grown Men Break Down Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License' in Hilarious Pool Room Sketch

Olivia Rodrigo's "drivers license" song has captured the hearts of many since it was released in early January. While many teenagers and young adults, in particular, have taken a liking to the song, that doesn't mean that everyone can't enjoy it. As seen in the most recent Saturday Night Live episode, even a group of men at a pool hall can't help but get emotional over the track.

In the skit, a group of men can be seen playing a game of pool. But, the character played by host Regé-Jean Page, can't play until he plays his song, which just so happens to be "drivers license." Pete Davidson's character offers, "Sounds like it's just some teen girl singing in her room to the piano." Page then says, "And that's the beauty of it. You got a problem?" Even though the characters pretend to not know anything about the song, they offer up some details about it, including the fact that it's reportedly tied to a rumored love triangle between Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett of High School Musical: The Musical fame and Sabrina Carpenter. The group then discusses some of the influences they hear in the song, including those from Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift. However, Page says that it's "pure Olivia." While two of the men argue over Swift's own musical stylings, the group eventually comes together when the "bridge of our lives" plays during "drivers license."

Rodrigo, whose song was at the center of the skit, greatly appreciated SNL showing her song some love. To make the segment all the more special, it aired on Rodrigo's 18th birthday. She wrote on Twitter, "DRIVERS LICENSE SNL SKETCH IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER IM SHAKING." Clearly, as seen on SNL, the love for "Drivers License" is pretty universal. According to Paper Mag, the song was the fastest track to surpass 100 million streams in Spotify history. The publication also spoke to Rodrigo and asked her about the success of the song, to which she said, "It's absolutely insane. What has happened has beat every single expectation I could have possibly had and is totally beyond my wildest dreams."

Elsewhere in her interview with the publication, Rodrigo explained that her song's popularity ties back to the fact that it's so relatable. She continued, "I've gotten a ton of comments from people being like, 'I've been married for 25 years, but this song still stings.' And I think that's incredible. I think that that's one of the purposes of music is to really transport you to a deep feeling, even if it might not be one that you're feeling directly in your everyday life."