Chris Kattan, Former 'SNL' Star, Claims Lorne Michaels Pressured Him Into Having Sex With 'A Night at the Roxbury' Director

Former SNL star Chris Kattan claims that series creator Lorne Michaels pressured him into having sex with A Night at the Roxbury director, Amy Heckerling.

The shocking allegations come from Kattan's new memoir, Baby Don't Hurt Me: Stories and Scars from Saturday Night Live, in which he recounts his side of the story.

According to an excerpt that made it's way online, when Kattan and Will Ferrell were prepping the film version of the classic Saturday Night Live characters Heckerling was initially attached to direct. The director is well known for films such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Look Who's Talking, and Clueless.

One evening, he says, after the two of them had been working late that she asked him if they were going to have sex. “I was shocked. Was she joking?” he says in the book, then adding that he “tried to keep it light” with a witty reply so that “the conversation ended there.”

The following day, Kattan claims he got a call from Michaels, who shared that “Paramount would only do the movie if Amy signed on as a director, not as producer,” and that if he “wanted to make sure the movie happened, then [he] had to keep Amy happy.”

Kattan then goes on to claims that Michaels told him, “Chris, I’m not saying you have to f— her, but it wouldn’t hurt.”

Kattan remembers thinking “that seemed insane,” and explained that he wanted to speak to Ferrell about it, but claims that Michaels warned him “it was best if [he] didn’t mention it” to “Will or anybody else.”

In the end, Kattan decided to sleep with Heckerling.

“I was too scared,” he says of the encounter, adding, “The last thing I wanted was to have someone hear Lorne say ‘career ender’ about me. To this day, whenever I think about that conversation with Lorne, I still feel repellingly pathetic.”

He says that Heckerling wanted to have sex on Michaels' desk, but Kattan refused so they went back to her office and had sex on the couch.

“I was attracted to Amy,” he added. “But at the same time very afraid of the power she and Lorne wielded over my career.”


Ultimately, Heckerling dropped out as director and merely co-produced alongside Michaels. Director John Fortenberry (Jury Duty, The King of Queens) ended up stepping in to helm the film.

Page Six has since reached out to SNL for a comment and reports that a representative for the show told them, “This did not happen,” and added that Kattan's book publisher never made efforts to verify his claims.