'SNL' Fans Angry Paul Rudd Didn't Do 'Kissing Family' in Season 44 Finale

Longtime Saturday Night Live fans were not happy about the show skipping the famous "Kissing Family" sketches that became hallmarks of Paul Rudd's previous hosting gigs.

The Season 44 finale did not include the recurring sketch, likely because it would have required too many surprise guests to pull off. Each sketch previous sketch with the over-affectionate Voglecheck family features them kissing each other repeatedly, making everyone else watching uncomfortable.

Although it can be uncomfortable to watch, many SNL fans were disappointed it was not brought back. That made last night's episode the first Rudd-hosted episode with a Kissing Family sketch.

The Kissing Family sketches usually feature Kristen Wiig as the wife, Fred Armisen as the husband and Bill Hader as their son Dwayne.

Whenever Rudd appears on SNL, he usually plays another son, Austin.

In a 2011 episode, Jason Segel played a third son, Jason. Rudd was not even the host of that episode, but he still appeared in the sketch. Vanessa Bayer has also played different girlfriends visiting the family.

In each sketch, Austin or Jason bring home a girlfriend to see the Vogelchecks for the first time. She is initially grossed out by the kissing, especially as they become more elaborate with each kiss. In the end, the girlfriend realizes the kissing is not so bad and is welcomed to the family.

The 2008 version of the sketch featured Andy Samberg as Austin's college roommate. Even that sketch ended with Samberg's character joining the family and being kissed by everyone.

The Season 44 finale is the Avengers: Endgame star's first time hosting since December 2013. He also hosted in 2008 and 2010, and made cameos in episodes in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Before the new episode aired, SNL shared a hilarious sketch to promote the episode, with Beck Bennett giving Rudd an "important mission" to host the show. However, Rudd was already signed to host so he only followed along to humor Bennett.


New episodes of Saturday Night Live will return in the fall.

Photo credit: NBC