'Shades of Blue' and Jennifer Lopez Fans Cannot Handle NBC Ending Show

NBC's Shades of Blue may be gearing up to air its final season, but that does not mean that fans of the Jennifer Lopez-starring cop-drama are ready to part ways.

On Wednesday, Lopez, who also executive produces the drama, made the announcement that fans had been dreading: after two seasons and with a third on its way, Shades of Blue will be coming to an end.

"I have enjoyed producing and starring in this beautifully complicated world and playing such an empowering yet flawed character — a woman, a detective, but, first and foremost, a mother," Lopez said in a statement.

"Now looking at it with a little distance, playing Harlee strengthened me and helped me grow into a more self-assured woman," she added. "It's crazy how some parts permeate your soul and change you forever and for that I am grateful."

"We crafted a poetic three-season arc on how her journey ends, which is true redemption. The way only Harlee could have done it — the hard way, the road less traveled," Lopez's statement continued. "I thank NBC and all the talented actors, writers, crew and producers for going on this journey with us!"

Fans of the NBC series are reeling after the news.

One fan could not help but note that all of "the best shows seem to end too soon."

Another fan was in complete disbelief, having already scheduled in enough viewing time to last until the show's eighth season, which it sadly will never get.

Other fans seemed to have their own speculation as to why the show was coming to an end.

One person suggested that if the show had been aired on a different network, such as TNT or Amazon, it would have performed better and therefore had a longer run.

"Very surprised to hear that NBC has canceled Shades of Blue after season 3, then again how is a show supposed to gain and keep momentum when its off for such long periods, great show cancelled due to poor scheduling," one fan commented.

Another fan felt the same way, writing that "maybe if NBC ran it on a consistent schedule it would get more viewers! I've been waiting a year for Season 3!"

In addition to Lopez, Shades of Blue also stars Ray Liotta, Drea de Matteo, Warren Kole, and Dayo Okeniyi, among others.


The overarching story focuses on Lopez's character Harlee Santos, "a single-mother and NYPD Detective who is forced to work for the FBI's anti-corruption task force, while dealing with her own financial and family problems."

The series will begin airing its final 10-episode season June 17 on NBC.