'Scorpion' Star Robert Patrick Reveals If Show Was Really Canceled

Robert Patrick has confirmed previously retracted reports that Scorpion had been canceled by CBS.

The actor, who played Cabe Gallo on the CBS drama, told fans the show had a "hell of a run," but its time had come.

"Thank you to all the fans!" Patrick wrote. "The writers, the crew, the cast, and CBS. It's been a great story to tell and a hell of a run! On to the next!"

Reports from several outlets surfaced on Saturday morning that stated Scorpion, which ran for four seasons, was canceled. However, those outlets took down their reports not long after publication.

Since Patrick sent out his tweet, outlets have republished those reports, with CBS confirming the show had reached its end. This means the show warps up its run with 93 episodes total.

The show had been on the bubble for cancellation as networks make final changes to their fall lineups.

Actor Riley B. Smith, who plays Ralph Dineen on Scorpion, was one of the many who tried rally report for the series on Twitter in recent days.

"I can't express how much I truly appreciate all of the support we are getting from you all," Smith said on Tuesday. "It means more than you know. We should know one way or another soon, but either way I'm glad to say y'all have been along for the ride!"

Smith followed up those remarks by retweeting numerous tweets about saving the shows, as well as issuing another statement on Friday. He touched on the fact that more than 200 cast and crew members were waiting on news of a renewal or cancellation and hoping for the best.

"We are waiting in painstaking anticipation as you are to hear news about Scorpion," Smith wrote. "Imagine leaving work not knowing if you will ever work or even see again the group of over 200 people, some who feel like family, you have lived experiences with for 4 years."


Photo Credit: CBS / Bill Inoshita