Watch Classic 'Saved by the Bell' and 'Rocky IV' Mashup Fight Scene Amid Reboot Announcement

Amid the announcement that Saved by the Bell is being rebooted by NBCUniversal for its new Peacock streaming service fans may want to revisit an epic Rocky IV mash-up fight scene on Twitter. The clip was shared by comedy writer Mike Camerlengo, who joked that the classic fight between Zack and Slater in the halls of Bayside High School mashes up perfectly with the bout between Rocky and Ivan Drago. Camerlago later joked, "If anyone wants to nominate this for a Sports Emmy or a Webby or whatever people get these days I accept."

Fans have been going crazy for the clip, with one tweeting back, "Good use of underhooks by Zach to get up after that takedown."

"[Is] this the 90's version of Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz??? I think so," someone else joked, to which Camerlengo replied, "I think you’re right."

Camerlengo also dissected the fight in a follow-up video, taking it step-by-step to break down each moment individually.

"Thought Zack had a chance but upon further film review it looks like Slater had it from the jump," he later added.

"Slater still a tool...aaaaallll these years later," someone quipped at the clip.

"Those lockers have some bounce to them," another fan said.

The clips that were shared in August have re-emerged in the wake of the news that Saved by the Bell is being rebooted.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show was ordered straight-to-series, and will star original SBTB stars Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley.

Other stars are said to be in talks to appear as well, as the premise of the reboot revolves around California Gov. Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) getting "into hot water for closing too many low-income high schools." He decides to move the affected student to high-performing schools, including his alma mater Bayside, and this leads to some interesting class clashes, in more than one way.


The series will presumably debut in 2020 with the launch of Peacock.

Photo Credit: NBC