SAG Awards 2020: Brad Pitt Stopped Everything Immediately When He Heard Jennifer Aniston's Name Called for Win

The biggest story to come out of Sunday's SAG Awards didn't have anything to do with the winners and losers on the stage. It happened backstage when Brad Pitt, fresh off his win at the show, was photographed watching former love Jennifer Aniston accept her award for The Morning Show.

This led to the moment we've all seen at this point, where Pitt and Aniston reunited for cameras, touched hands and sparked a non-stop stream of speculation.

The day after, we've got details trickling out about the moment, including how emotional the entire thing made the Fight Club actor. According to US Weekly, Entertainment Tonight Canada host Cheryl Hickey was witness to the moment Pitt heard Aniston won.

"We were backstage at Winner's Walk, and when Brad Pitt was having his picture taken at the photo wall, he heard Jennifer Aniston's name called and he immediately left the photo wall and went over to one of the monitors to intently watch her speech," Hickey told the outlet. "You could tell he was visually captivated by her, he looked very moved, even wiping his eye at one point."

It is obviously easy to assume some liberties could be taken with these reports. Many have found themselves wrapped up in the fairy tale of a Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston rekindled romance all awards season. And Sunday's string of events is the closest they've gotten to seeing what they wanted.

It was revealed that Pitt only had to say two words while watching Aniston accept her award, dropping an "Oh, wow!" while listening to the speech. Aniston also commented on Pitt watching her speech, calling it "sweet" before expanding on how the support from Pitt feels.

"We've all grown up together, we really have. It just feels like a really fun night to celebrate and cheer each other on and keep working," Aniston noted. "It is an incredible honor to be recognized by this room especially. They are my peers and I've been doing this a while…It is not lost on me."

She then added, "There are not dark hours, but, you know, you don't really have that much of a life, so it's nice to come out and put a pretty dress on and sort of celebrate your friends and their work, and inspire each other to keep going — and like [Brad] said, it's back to work tomorrow."


Aniston is also well aware of the public's feelings toward her relationship with Pitt. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight before the SAG Awards, Aniston called the chatter "hysterical."

"But what else are they going to talk about?" she added.