Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Try to Trick O.J. Simpson Into Confessing

A clip from Sacha Baron Cohen's new series Who His America? has been released and it shows the comedian trying to trick O.J. Simpson into confessing to murder.

In the clip, Cohen is dressed up as a character named Gio Monaldo, an eccentric Italian billionaire. Cohen previously used teh character in an earlier episode to trick former Bachelor in Paradise star Corinne Olympios into lying about helping children in Sierra Leone.

This time around, however, a hidden camera captured Cohen attempting to get the former NFL star to admit to the 1994 murder of his ex-wife by suggesting that he also murdered his ex-wife.

"Maybe I send her on a bungee jump [makes a cutting motion] oops, the cord," Gio said, after joking that they are both "ladykillers," as reported by Rolling Stone.

"Cut the cord extra long," Simpson replied. " 'Ohh, too long.' " Cohen then tried to explain who Simpson was to his fake girlfriend by telling her that he was in the Naked Gun films but ended up making a stabbing motion to make the point after she didn't understand.

Cohen then tried to get Simpson to confess by telling him that he had a wealthy friend who wanted to have a private meeting with the ex-footballer because "he's obsessed with what happened that night with the wife...and he wants you to tell him."

"Well, first of all, she wasn't my wife. We had been divorced and separated for two years," Simpson replied. "I didn't 'get away' with nothing."

While Simpson stood his ground and asserted that he "didn't kill nobody," thus rendering Cohen's prank somewhat fruitless, many other high profile figures were not so lucky.

Over the course of Who Is America?, Cohen tricked Sheriff Joe Arpaio into agreeing to something very NSFW, pranked former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama Roy Moore with a fake pedophile detector device, and captured Georgia state representative Jason Spencer yelling a racial slur that ended up causing him to resign.

For her part, the aforementioned Olympios spoke to Vulture about when Cohen pranked her and said she has no idea why he singled her out.

She also claimed that producers fed her lines despite everyone thinking that she was just being insensitive based on what was show in the episode.

Olympios also told the outlet that she felt "scared" during the filming of the scene because they took her phone away and didn't let her go outside.

"I started to panic a little bit. I didn't know exactly what I thought was going to happen, but I was definitely panicking," she said.


Who Is America? ran for seven episodes from July 15 until Aug. 26 on Showtime, but will not be returning for a second season.

Photo Credit: Showtime