'Roseanne' Fans Are Loving One of Her Latest Tweets About the Show

Fans of the Roseanne revival are loving Roseanne Barr's latest tweet just as much as they are loving the show.

Following the two-episode premiere of the ABC reboot of the popular sitcom, the 65-year-old television icon took to Twitter with her own comment and critique of the rebooted program, calling it "such a real show" that has left her not knowing "if I should cry or laugh – or both!"

Fans also seemed to love the shows realistic approach and their fear not to show the more unpleasant parts of modern life instead of painting an unrealistic picture.

"It's REAL...tired of all the 'beautiful, flawless mothers' on these sitcoms ... with perfect families. It's an hour of levity needed right now," wrote one person.

"I give it high marks! Yeah, I'm prejudiced, but I'm critical, too..I think it was fast-paced w/out being forced...funny, but not sugar-coated. Excellent acting, strong writing...& a great chance of owning its time slot," one fan of the revival commented.

"It's like reconnecting with old friends 20 years later," wrote another.

"It expresses what's going on most in families across the country," one Twitter user commented.

During the two premiere episodes, viewers quickly got resolution to Dan's "death," met Roseanne and Dan's grandchildren, including "gender creative" grandson Mark, and found out how the show introduced the two Beckys to each other.

The episodes also tackled family and political issues, with the Conner family dealing with political division. Much like Barr in real life, Roseanne Conner voted for President Donald Trump, and she still supports him more than a year into his term. In interviews leading up to the premiere, Barr said that her goal was to facilitate dialogue and present an honest view of American households, where many people are dealing with conflict within their families over the recent contentious election.

Despite the controversy over Roseanne's political affiliation, the revival was still a hit with the audience, with fans taking to social media comment on the episodes and give their own critiques.


Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.